Top 10 OFFLINE Games for Android/iOS 2019 (Good Graphics)

Top 10 OFFLINE Games for Android/iOS 2019 (Good Graphics)

List of games:

1.Monster Truck Racer Master

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Get ready for real stunt monster truck games 2019 that are real full thrill fun driving .
Do you love 3D monster truck impossible stunt road or sky roads game? Welcome to new Monster Truck Master Game. 
In this realistic Monster Truck 2019 Game you can drive many luxury smash racing Monster Trucks. 
Speed stunts 3D Monster truck If you want to become a master driver among the Monster luxury trucks and start driving on adventure racing tracks in the mountains and hills areas.

2.Voletarium: Sky Explorers

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Centuries ago, two inventors, the Eulenstein brothers, attempted to make their dreams a reality. In the Voletarium, their legendary workshop, they built a series of flying machines before one day disappearing mysteriously without a trace. What happened to them? Did they simply give up? Or did they succeed in building the first functioning flying machine, the Volatus II?

Two young descendants of the Eulenstein brothers, Emily and Lawrence, have made it their task to find the truth. Follow the trail of the legendary Volatus II and become a SKY EXPLORER!

- Design your own flying machines
- Explore foreign countries at staggering heights 
- Collect new parts for your flying machines 
- Experiment with wings, boosters and bodies
- Improve your flying machines to master exciting challenges in the air 
- Compete with other members of the Adventure Club

3.Slash of Sword - Arena and Fights

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Fight on the arena, earn fame, get famous. Exciting, bloody gladiator fights are waiting for you! Fight fairly 1 on 1 or try to defeat 10 fighters. 
Rest from the battles in the village, upgrade your skills, unlock new weapons and armor. 


1. Picturesque and battles
Due to well-designed animations and effects, battles look very cool, even on mobile devices! 

2. Battles with a few soldiers. 
Start your journey as a Gladiator against the same fighter as you. Win and get the title of the best warrior, fighting 10 enemies at a time! 

3. Boss battles 
Meet 1 on 1 with the best of the best! 

4. Stunning graphics 
Excellent picture, amazing light effects, change of weather and time conditions! 

5. Smart Artificial Intelligence. 
The enemies will try to surround and overwhelm you. If you hurt them, they will try to retreat, and their teammates to stick up for them. 

6. Open and living world 
In addition to battles you will see the area where the real life is, someone is sleeping, someone has a chat with somebody, where traders tout their shops. Buy yourself equipment and ammunition, have a peaceful rest while waiting out the night or sit by the fire and upgrade your skills.

4.Driving School Classics

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Driving School Classics is the latest driving simulator that will allow you to drive many classic cars, including muscle cars, supercars, SUVs, Buses, Trucks and many more. Driving School Classics has tons of levels across many environments: cities, mountains, deserts, etc...
Drive a manual transmission with clutch and stick shift or take it easy with the automatic gearbox. Intuitive controls will make this the best driving simulator, use a virtual steering wheel, buttons or tilt your device.
Play with your friends online in the multiplayer modes.
Free Ride mode, Career and many Events are waiting for you! Play Driving School Classics!

5.Builder Joe

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Construction is an extremely dangerous place for any beast, but Joe the beaver doesn’t care. In the forest, there is a shortage of housing for its inhabitants and our hero decided to rectify the matter. Help Joe build incredibly tall houses! Earn points and coins, unlock various visual elements and transform the world around you! Show your friends how cool you are - share your statistics or the best results with them.
Forest animals need Joe, and Joe needs You.

6.Hockey All Stars

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Wind up your slap-shots and get ready to poke-check your way to glory in this year’s greatest Hockey game on mobile - Hockey All Stars.

Create your very own Hockey franchise, build a team of All Star players and compete with the best teams from around the World to rise through the leagues and claim the silverware.

7.Dice are cast

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You play as an orphaned teenager from a patrician house, who returns to Rome, when informed about his loss. Additional to your suffering you discover that your heritage is destroyed and you own just empty lands.
Now it is your duty to restore former glory to your house. Which way will you choose? Will you take a sword, a feather or a staff? Because in Rome there is just glory on the battlefield, inside the Senate or in front of gods. 

8.Idle Evil — Clicker Simulator

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You like farm games, but classic farm is so boring for you? New generation of clicker games! Want to feel what is rpg offline? Wanna be a devil or may be gold miner? Let’s start to tap! Click! Build! Invest! Upgrade!

This is revolutionary method to build away! It is fun, simple and awesome! Download just now!

Forget about simple tapper or clink! Build tortures, hire demons, earn souls! Clicker games have never been so unusual and funny! Tap tap and upgrade your equipment! Click and automate your weapons! If you are great clicker, then you can earn more as tycoon! Create your farm villa in hell!

9.Butterflies Episode 1: Rudies

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Here are some skates. Here are some cans. Here are some adrenaline-pumping tunes from the one and only Highraiser.

Go paint. Or don't. Maybe just skate, grind and trick your way through tazer cameras and angry cops. Be free. Be everywhere and nowhere. Run. Jump. Fly - like a butterfly.

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