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New Games Of 2019

New Upcoming Games Of 2019
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Ace Combat 7: skies unknown

Platform(s): PS4, Xbox One, PCBandai Namco's cult favorite series of flight sims is gearing up for a big comeback, bringing the dogfighting action back to the alternate universe of Strangereal for Ace Combat's current-gen debut. The fast-paced aerial skirmishes look great whether you're piloting from the first-person cockpit or a third-person view, and the campaign promises to contextualize the theater of war in the skies with a healthy dose of political intrigue and Top Gun-esque melodrama.

Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes

Platform(s): Switch

The brash, twisted, beam katana-wielding assassin Travis 
Touchdown is back, and he's looking stylish as ever. Don't think of this as No More Heroes 3 - instead, it's something of a spin-off, revolving around crossovers with notable indie games like Hotline Miami. Badman, the burly father of the slain Rank #1 assassin Bad Girl, murderous revenge on our sideburned anti-hero. But while the two are duking it out, they're sucked into the Death Drive MK-2 game console, trapping them in deadly worlds lifted from beloved indie hits.

Devil May Cry 5

Platform(s): Xbox One, PS4, PC

Devil May Cry 5 keeps the grimy aesthetic from Ninja 
Theory's DmC but ditches the reboot's plot for a continuation of the numbered games' story. Described by Capcom as a "true sequel" to Devil May Cry 4, the game puts players in control of Nero, a demon hunter with a robot arm and sword he can rev like a motorcycle engine.

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