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Wednesday, 3 October 2018



So Lineage 2 is already available on Android, but another version of it has just dropped out of nowhere. It goes by the name Lineage 2: Dark Legacy, and NCSoft – the original publisher of the PC version. ok, You have to create a party of four heroes and battle your way through a variety of campaigns. There are also boss battles and the series’ signature castle sieges to take part in. Basically, this is one of those RPGs wearing the skin of Lineage 2. That will either excite you or make you vomit depending on how you feel about hero collectors by now.
Best game of RPG now you can play in android earlier this game is available only for pc but now android also.you can download the game from below download link. this game so mysterious and adventure game who people love to play the adventure game with the fight this game s perfect for them.

Download fast this game this game too good and graphics quality is also nice ok. So download from below link ok.thats all in today post/blog you can comment below if you face any problem in download process all right.so a game is although good I play this game and I like it so try this game you will also enjoy

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